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ULTRA DARK Leg Bronzer – 6 Oz.

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Snooki® ULTRA DARK Leg Bronzer - 6 Oz.

Make your legs red carpet worthy when you use Snooki’s™ Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer. This blinged out bronzing formula is specially designed to dramatically darken those hard to tan areas. Enriched with skin firmers, shave minimizers and skin conditioners, this ultra dark formula leaves your legs feeling soft, smooth and incredibly sexy!
* Extra Dark Bronzers target those hard to tan areas for dramatically darker legs after UV exposure.
* HyperDark™ Tanning technology immediately prepares your skin for deep, rich golden color.
* Vitamin enriched skin conditioner blend helps skin fight against environmental stress for a more radiant and healthier looking glow.
* Advanced Skin Firming blend helps to smooth and improve skin’s texture for a more toned and tightened appearance.
* SoftChic™ skin moisturizers with Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil hydrate skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and sexy.
* Paraben Free.

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