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An exotic sunless formula with a unique combination of violet and brown tone bronzers, designed to mimic the sought-after skin tones indicative of the Mediterranean region. Norvell's Venetian sunless mist provides our deepest, darkest, longest lasting tan yet.

Exclusive Natural Actives Sunless Complex

* Time Release Micro Capsules bind moisture within the skin.

* Natural Enzymes repair dehydrated skin.

* Unique Dermal Barrier locks in DHA.

* Advanced DHA Odor Encapsulation molecules ‘trap’ and virtually eliminate common sunless odor.

* Continuous Spray: delivers ultra-fine micro mist.

* Just off the Beach Color™: patented blend of DHA and bronzers to compliment all skin tones. Found only in Norvell Professional Products.

* Paraben Free

* Gluten Free

* 100% Vegan

Fragrance: Paradise Breeze

For best results, exfoliate with Norvell's Renewing Sunless Exfoliator prior to application. Immediately prior to spray, insert provided nose filters. In a well-ventilated area, apply to clean, dry skin. Keep the can in constant motion and hold 10-12 inches from body.

Apply spray in a sweeping motion across area to be tanned. For facial application, lightly coat a slightly dampened make-up sponge and blend onto face and into hair line, avoiding lips and eyes. Avoid over-application to elbows, hands, knees, ankles and feet.

Avoid bathing, swimming and perspiring for at least 8-hours. Avoid chlorinated pools for 18-hours. Cosmetic bronzers will wash away during your first shower. Tan will deepen over the next 24-hours and fade gradually over the next 5-7 days. Fair skinned individuals may require 2 applications, 24-hours apart.

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