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SMOKIN DARK 20X Tingle Bronzer – 8.5 Oz

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Hempz SMOKIN DARK 20X Tingle Bronzer - 8.5 Oz

20X uncontrollable dark tingle bronzer with DHA tanning lotion.

* Dark 20X tingle bronzing blend of DHA and natural bronzers provide uncontrollably dark color.

* Hot skin stimulators create an instant sizzling glow on the skin.

* Sultry skin nourishing blend of coconut, green tea and vitamins leave skin seriously soft and smooth.

* 100% pure natural hemp seed oil helps hydrate and condition skin with moisture for long lasting color.

* Sensational Tropical Flame fragrance.

Do you want to be a little dark, sort of dark or smokingly hot deep dark? If nothing short of the darkest most flawless color will do, accept no substitute for the smoking hot tanning power of Hempz SMOKIN DARK 20X Tingle Bronzer. This remarkable bronzing formula can increase skin's tanning potential by up to 20 times, so your skin is unbelievably dark after each session. The formula uses a spicy blend of tingle stimulators to encourage the production of pigments. Then, the natural bronzers work with the ultraviolet energy of the tanning bed to increase melanin production. Once you leave the tanning bed, DHA in the formula goes to work further darkening and refining your color.

Hempz SMOKIN DARK 20X Tingle Bronzer is made with pure hemp seed oil, providing the skin with essential fatty acids and moisture with every use. Green tea is added for antioxidant protection while coconut and a host of vitamins nourish, condition and tone the tissue.

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SMOKIN DARK 20X Tingle Bronzer – 8.5 Oz”

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