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HYDROBRONZE Ultra Dark Bronzer – 13.5 Oz

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Hempz HYDROBRONZE Ultra Dark Bronzer - 13.5 Oz

Hempz HydroBronze Herbal Whipped Bronzing crème is a revolutionary hybrid formula. It combines Ultra Dark Natural Bronzers, for dark streak-free golden color, with our exclusive Triple Moisture Complex that helps provide all day moisture.

* Does not contain DHA

* Bronzing blend with Henna, Black Walnut Shell and Carmel Extracts combined with natural tan enhancers for a dark bronze glow.

* Hydrating Yangu Oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids helps protect and moisturize skin

* 100% pure natural hemp seed oil hydrates, nourishes and conditions for soft, smooth and moist skin.

* Nourishing Vitamin C rich Apple Fruit Extract conditions and hydrates dry, mature skin.

* Non-greasy, lightweight formula absorbs quickly into skin.

* Paraben Free, Gluten Free, 100% Vegan, THC Free.

Tired of your skin feeling rough, tight and itchy and looking flaky and dull after tanning? Those unpleasant symptoms are signs of dryness, which can easily occur due to the light and heat inside of the tanning bed. You don't have to take a break from tanning to get your skin back to looking and feeling its best. With Hempz HYDROBRONZE Ultra Dark Triple Bronzer, you can continue to tan while restoring your skin to ideal hydration levels. Free of DHA, this lightweight bronzer is easy for your skin to absorb and delivers a blend of natural tan enhancers to the tissue to assist with pigmentation. Henna, black walnut shell and caramel are also included to adjust color and take it to new depths.

To revive and re-hydrate thirsty skin, Hempz HYDROBRONZE Ultra Dark Triple Bronzer features a triple moisture complex. Hemp seed oil conditions and moisturizers while feeding the skin essential fatty acids to lower the likelihood of dryness returning. For extra hydration, the formula also contains yangu oil and apple fruit.

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