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Ed Hardy

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Ed Hardy OBNOXIOUS™ - 10 Oz

XXXtreme Bronzing Tingle Formula Infused with Mangosteen
OBNOXIOUS™ is a seriously dark bronzer with an insane tingle formula. You will notice immediate and delayed bronzing results while feeling an extreme warming sensation on the skin. Natural hemp seed oil works to moisturize and soften the skin while mangosteen provides anti-oxidants to slow the aging process. An intense Mango Indulgence fragrance is the perfect pair to this so good it’s obnoxious product!
Features & Benefits:

* Extreme bronzing blend gives both immediate and delayed bronzing results.
* HOT tingle formula – Creates an intense reddening and warming sensation to the skin.
* Mangosteen - Rich in antioxidants helps to combat the aging process.
* Vitamins C & E - Moisturizes and repairs dry and damaged skin.
* Hemp Seed Oil - Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
Fragrance - Mango Indulgence

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