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Black Chocolate Mochaccino Ultra Advanced 400X Bronzing Frappe

Ultra-Advanced 400X Bronzing Frappé
Color Espresso™ Dark Roast Complex
Sweet Cream & Silicone Emulsion

Love your tan as much as your morning mocha. Your skin should be as rich, dark, and creamy as your first cup. This 400X double shot of bronzing bliss is pure contentment from the moment it hits your skin, and it only gets better from there. Coffeeberry & caffeine infuse an unmistakable radiance and energized youthful appearance. Top it off with a sweet-as-sugar silicone cream for heavenly soft skin, and ask “when can we do this again”?

– Double Dark Black Chocolate 400X Bronzers bestow the darkest bronze
– Color Espresso™ Dark Caramel & light DHA take your bronze to the next level
– Caffeine & Coffeeberry tone for an elevated, youthful glow
– Max Silicone & Sweet Cream softness leave skin feeling irresistible

Fragrance: Coffeeberry & Cream

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