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How to Apply Bronzing Lotion: Five Steps

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Everyone is after the perfect glow, but achieving the ideal tanning results can take plenty of practice and a great tanning lotion. Bronzers are one tanning tool that can help you reach your desired results, and with these five steps, you will be on your way to that healthy glow.

A good tan can transform your skin, give you a warm healthy glow, and boost your confidence. Getting the perfect tan, however, can take a lot of time, patience and a great tanning lotion at your side. Bronzing lotion is a must-have tanning tool to keep in your bag. This lotion helps your skin tan to darker shades than you would normally be able to achieve on your own. Getting the perfect bronzed look from bronzing lotion takes practice, but with these easy five steps you can get the perfect glow.

  1. Prep your Skin

The first step to any tanning journey is to properly prepare your skin. Exfoliating goes a long way to giving you an even tan. Before applying bronzing lotion, be sure to shower and exfoliate your skin for best results. It is also a good idea to shave or wax, as hairs can cause lotion to build up, resulting in an uneven tan.

  1. Apply Liberally

Now that your skin is smooth and ready for tanning, it is time for the lotion. Don’t be afraid of too much bronzing lotion as more is better than too little in this case; however, avoid applying too thick of a layer of bronzer on your face and apply lotion with care around your eyes, nostrils and hairline. These areas are notorious for soaking up too much bronzer and creating an uneven tan. Some tanners prefer using a specialized lotion for their face so if you find your tan is coming out too dark, consider investing in a tan accelerator or a lotion without bronzer for your face. Waiting until you get to the salon is a good idea when using bronzer, as the lotion can rub off onto your clothes or even your car seat. For those with dry skin, applying lotion too early can result in your skin absorbing all the moisture before you get under the lights.

  1. Wipe Lotion from Hands

Now that your skin is evenly coated, it is time to do a quick clean up before hopping in the tanning bed and starting the tanning process. Use a small towel to wipe excess lotion from your palms and between your fingers. Bronzing lotion can gather in these areas and you don’t want hands that are darker than the rest of your body! Packing along a towel to wipe off excess lotion is a good idea for anyone who plans to make bronzers a part of their tanning routine.

  1. Tan and Wait

Now for the easy part: climb into the tanning bed and let the lotion work its magic. Bronzing lotion can take a few hours after a tanning session to really set in so grab your favorite book, a cool drink and relax. Be careful not to rub the bronzer off on your clothing as the lotion is known to stain. A good tip for anyone heading to the studio is to wear clothing you don’t mind getting a few stains on. The last thing you want is your favorite white blouse getting a blotchy bronze stain on it!

  1. Rinse and Moisturize

After a few hours of having the bronzer on, it is time to rinse. Hop in the shower and use your preferred soap to gently soak your skin and rub off any excess bronzing lotion. Do not exfoliate! You should avoid exfoliating your skin until you are prepping for your next tanning visit. This will help your tan last longer. Applying moisturizer to your skin after tanning will keep your skin healthy, repair any UV damage and reduce the risk of aging skin.

Finding Your Glow

Bronzing lotions are an ideal addition to your tanning routine. These lotions amp up your tanning results within two to four hours, giving you an immediate glow up! While bronzers go a long way in achieving a healthy glow, they are more temporary than other tanning lotions and the results may fade within a few weeks. For the best results, it is a good idea to build up a base tan before cracking open the bronzer. Finding the perfect bronzer for your skin type can take a few tries, so don’t be afraid to test out different brands.

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