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Specially formulated to breakdown and remove tanning bronzers and residue from HVLP spray gun tips & nozzles.

Using tanning bronzers in your gun can leave a build-up of residue that, overtime, can clog spray tips and interfere with the operation of the spray gun. Please Note that additional cleaning and maintenance will need to be followed to keep your equipment clog-free and in proper working condition.

For additional instructions on cleaning and maintaining equipment, consult your Equipment Manual.
  • Pour a small amount of cleaner into solution cup and shake vigorously to loosen any remaining sunless solution.
  • Next, run cleaner through the gun/airbrush.
  • Repeat with a fresh amount of cleaner.
  • Test cleanliness by spraying solution onto a white piece of paper.
  • Repeat steps 2-4 until spray appears clear.
  • Remove the needle and wipe it down with a soft cloth dipped in cleaner.
  • Apply gun lubricant to needle and reinsert. Remove any residue on the surface of the nozzle and airbrush.
  • Do NOT immerse your spray unit in solvent.
Always clean your spray unit when you are finished for the day or whenever it may be unused for an extended period of time.
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