Devoted Creations BLONDETOURAGE™ Exclusively formulated only for the Tanning Elite - 12.25 Oz


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Devoted Creations BLONDETOURAGE™ Exclusively formulated only for the Tanning Elite - 12.25 Oz

Airbrush Matte Finish Bronzers for Sleek, Sexy Celebrity Worthy Results

It’s true what they say, blondes really do have more fun! Blondetourage™ is for the ultimate tanning diva that demands Perfection! This dark tanning, matte finish, BB crème, DHA free bronzer utilizes the skin toning and tightening benefits of Revita Fit™, Ideal Lift™ and Body Fit™ to fight skin’s sagging, reduce the appearance of cellulite and restore firmness to the skin. Intense tanning stimulators will ensure perfect, red carpet ready results every time. Powerful anti-aging benefits of Matrixyl Synthe 6™ will help you become that blonde, bronzed bombshell you were born to be. Dark spot correctors and after tan odor eliminators perfectly compliment this tanning cocktail… Keep your heels, head and standards high – Join the Blondetourage™!


* Powerful tanning intensifiers and deep natural bronzers.
* BB Crème Matte Finish Formula.
* Provides superior skin firming and tightening benefits with RevitaFit™, Body Fit™ and Ideal Lift™.
* Potent anti-aging and firming ingredients.
* Antioxidant & skin pigment correctors.


* Powerful tanning intensifiers coupled with deep natural bronzers allow for a streak-free/stained-free bronzed result without the use of DHA.
* Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6™ – Powerful anti-aging peptide that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting results.
* BB Crème Formula offers matte airbrush results.
* Revita Fit™ - Tones and tightens the skin.
* Body Fit™ Technology - Reduces the appearance of cellulite and restores firmness.
* Idea Lift™ - fights sagging skin for a toner, more youthful appearance.
* Deep tanning stimulators allow for deep, dark gorgeous color without the use of bronzer.
* PhloreTan™ - Antioxidant blend that works to reduce dark spots and even out skin tone.
* FreshTek™ - Proprietary blend of deodorizing and skin freshening ingredients.
* Blended with multiple accelerators that work to target melanin production and achieve fast, dark tanning results.

Fragrance: Pink Prosecco

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